Welcoming Juliet Meeks!

A getting-to-know-you Q&A with Juliet Meeks, the latest addition to our roster of stellar talent at Wain’s World!  

Ask the Artist

Juliet founded her art and surface design studio in 2015. Flowers are her subject of choice, using them as a mode for exploring unique color palettes.

What is your design process?

While I paint very intuitively, I like to reference vintage flower books as a starting point. I prefer to capture the feeling of a flower rather than painting in a detailed or hyper-realistic way.  When choosing colors, I don’t have a set plan before I start, rather I let the process unfold organically.  There is a certain level of control that you must give up with watercolor and giving in to that can create beautiful results.

Do you have a dream assignment? 

As an English major and former editorial layout designer for a local newspaper, I would love to design a book cover one day. I’d also love to see my artwork on planners, luggage, and quirky objects like umbrellas, socks, or lampshades.

Who inspires you?

Vera Neumann, Helen Frankenthaler, and Sonia Delaunay are three of the painters and designers I greatly admire. 

What is your bucket list trip and why?

Paris is on my list to visit next. I’ve never been to France, and it seems like a beautiful, inspiring, romantic, and creative place. 

What is your favorite thing to draw? 

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

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