Welcoming Beth Schneider!

A getting-to-know-you Q&A with Beth Schneider, the latest addition to our roster of stellar talent at Wain’s World!  

Ask the Artist

Beth creates her signature collections of patterns by combining stunning florals with unique, hand painted coordinates, all in a modern color palette. 

What is your design process?

I gather inspiration from photos, nature and magazines and then sketch out a rough composition. My warmup includes making strokes with different brushes before starting the actual piece. After I paint, I scan the work into my computer, edit, and then digitally create a repeat pattern or art piece, depending on the application. 

What project are you most proud of?

Honestly, all my projects make me happy. I love seeing my art come to fruition on actual products. To date though, I’d probably say my festive favorite is the holiday nutcracker bedding collection I created for Garnet Hill. 

What is your favorite tree?

I have a bald cypress tree in my backyard. It’s tall and beautiful and the type of evergreen tree that loses its needles every year. I love it.

What makes your heart sing? 

Music, sunshine, and a good mood.

What is your bucket list trip and why?

Venice, Italy – I’ve always wanted to ride a gondola through the town, eat pizza, and drink wine! 

What is your Chinese New Year animal? 

The Snake. Sounds unusual; but people born in the Year of the Snake are intelligent, wise, and charming. They are also deep thinkers, like to plan well, and are determined in whatever they do. Snake people are quiet, reserved, and good at giving advice to others.  It’s spot on with my personality so I’m embracing it! 

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